10 Easy Ways To Get In Shape Just In Time For Summer

With the warm weather just around the corner it’s no surprise most of us aren’t quite yet ‘beach body ready’ but have no fear, these 10 tips will soon have you in shape!

working out

1 – Drink more water. Not only is it good for keeping your appetite at bay, keeping hydrated will improve the condition of your skin and hair as well as keeping your bowels regular.

2 -Make time to work out. Set your alarm a little earlier or go to the gym in your lunch break, prioritise your fitness because no one is too busy to work out if they really want to.

3 – Cut down on processed food and refined carbs. Choose sweet potatoes over white, brown rice over white and try to avoid bread altogether and you will really notice the difference on your waistline.

4 – Make the little things count. You’ll be surprised to learn just how many extra steps you do by taking the stairs instead of the lift, jumping off the bus a stop early or ditching public transport and walking to work!

5 – Invest in a step counter to keep you on track. Creating goals and logging your workouts is a great way to stay motivated, after all, the only person you should be trying to beat is yourself.

6 – Practise portion control. You can still eat the things you love but learn how to manage your plate so you’re eating more lean meats and vegetables and less refined carbs and junk food. Your body will thank you for it.

7 – Be well rested. Your body repairs itself when you’re sleeping so it’s vital you get enough shut eye when you have an active lifestyle, not only that but you tend to overeat when you’re tired.

8 – Find an exercise you love. Running and heavy gym sessions aren’t for everyone, so find a workout you love and stick to it! Zumba and dance-style workouts have become very popular in recent years as they’re so much fun, so see what classes your local gym is offering and give them a try.

9 – Don’t follow a fad diet. Juice diets, shakes and soups are all just crash diets which leave you hungry and miserable. A healthy, active lifestyle is just that, a complete lifestyle change which won’t happen overnight and is something that needs to be worked on but as long as you’re on the right path you’ll get there eventually.

10 – Make workouts fun. Get a friend to tag along when you go to the park and go for a run or join a class together, having someone with you to motivate and inspire you will make you much more likely to stick to it.