5 Tried And Tested Hacks To Cure A Hangover

5 Tried And Tested Hacks To Cure A Hangover

Ask your friends what their best hangover cures are and you’ll be bombarded with weird and wonderful solutions to the pounding head and nausea, usually associated with a hangover.

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But if drinking a glass of water upside down, eating raw eggs or pounding a treadmill whilst eating a tomato doesn’t tickle your fancy we’ve tried and tested these hangover cures so you’ll be back to your old self in no time:

1 – Water, water and more water. One of the main causes of an horrific hangover is the fact you’re simply dehydrated and the simplest and easiest way to re-hydrate yourself is by chugging water. Try and leave a glass by the side of your bed to drink as soon as you wake up as you’ll no doubt be thirsty and keep it room temperature as to not shock the body too much.

2 – Get out of bed. Although you’ll want to stay there all day, getting up and about is the best thing you can do to shake a hangover. Shower, wash your hair and put on fresh, clean clothes to really kick-start your day and if you’re feeling up to it, go for a long walk and you’ll feel more refreshed and alert as the day goes on.

3 – Eat some carbs followed by fruit. Try and avoid a full-on greasy fry up that will only make you feel worse and treat yourself to some healthy carbs and protein such as eggs on toast (poached eggs on brown bread is perfect) and follow it up with a glass of freshly squeezed OJ.

4 – Lay off the coffee. Over doing the caffiene will only make you feel worse after that first initial rush and will just dehydrate you even further. So however tempting it may be to grab that full fat latte, hold off and sip a glass of water instead.

5 – Take a multivitamin. Whilst you can’t undo the damage of the night before to your poor old liver you an pep yourself up by taking a multivitamin, those effervescent ones are really good as they taste like fizzy orange drink and as you mix them with water you’ll get a bonus hydration hit too.