Why Women In Their 30’s Are So Attractive

They say women hit their peak when they’re in their 30’s, but why is this?

sex in the city

1 – They know what they want, sexually, financially and emotionally. Women in their 30’s are already established in their careers so know their worth and won’t settle for less, plus they’re experienced in the bedroom and know exactly what presses their buttons! They’re also more emotionally secure as when it comes to men they’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

2 – They tend to be healthier and look after their bodies. Whilst most people choose to go wild in their twenties, women in their 30’s start to slow down the partying and choose to take care of themselves a bit better resulting in hot bodies and glowing skin.

3 – They have style and know what clothes flatter their bodies. After years of trying new trends, once a woman hits her thirties she knows what suits her… and what doesn’t!

4 – They have learnt from their mistakes, and won’t be making them again. Age really does bring wisdom.

5 – They don’t panic in sticky situations. There’s something so sexy about a strong women who knows her own mind and can be assertive in stressful situations.